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AirKing Extreme Jump 12ft Trampoline + Enclosure

The brand new range of AirKing Extreme Jump trampolines are our best ever. They are the ultimate domestic trampoline – with high quality components and a higher spring count than similar trampolines to ensure the highest bounce possible.

The AirKing Extreme Jump 12ft trampoline features 80 high bounce springs, 141mm long (210mm fully extended) and 25mm in diameter. This is a combination that has been tested through experience and gives superb bounce – results show a very even and predictable bounce curve with fantastic lift.


The Soft Touch mat is polyprolylene-woven to provide elasticity without stretching – it works together with the springs to give fantastic and predictable bounce characteristics. It is also easy-draining and UV-resistant for enhanced durability and is air-permeable which again improves the bounce. Tough V-rings are used to attach the springs to the mat, and 10 rows of perimeter stitching give it great strength and a high level of built-in redundancy to make your trampoline last longer. 


The safety enclosure can be woven into the edge of the mat at the base to provide additional security (i.e. there are no potential gaps which a small child could get through), and the enclosure is fitted with toggle fastenings for easy and secure closure. 


Closed cell foam is used for the spring padding. This excludes water to provide both better protection and increased durability. The padding extends over the edge of the mat and wraps over the outer frame for safety.  

The tubular steel frame is constructed of 38mm tubing and 1.5mm steel for ultimate strength and durability. It is also hot galvanized both inside and out for extra protection. We have added locking pins to all leg joints to provide further stability.

 Just in case you were thinking that trampolines are only for children, we have a great guide to show you how adults can also get great benefits from a trampoline. A trampoline is a great way to help you get fit and we think it’s definitely more fun that going for a run (especially during the summer months)! See here for our guide to using your trampoline as a fitness tool.

The trampoline is supplied flat-packed for easy home assembly (tools and simple instructions provided – estimated time 1 hour. We recommend building the trampoline with 2 or 3 people for easier construction.
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